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One of the most important advantages of living in a closed community is the security that it offers. Le Domaine takes the security of its residents very seriously and the perimeter of the Estate is protected by the combination of a 2.5 metre wall and metal palisade topped with an electric fence which has electronic zone detection.

These are complemented by state of the art all weather cameras providing full coverage of the perimeter wall and access gates . An on site control room fully manned 24/7 and connected in real time to the security service provider's own control room together with on site security guards with an armed response service are also incorporated in Le Domaine's security structure.

Additionally there is a fully computerised access control system for both personnel and vehicles via a turnstile and boom system. The security system at Le Domaine is constantly updated and revised in order to keep pace with the latest developments that security technology has to offer, ensuring residents' peace of mind at all times.